How To Order Market Research Reports

Our Procedures

You have three prominent mediums to place an order

  • Over the Telephonic conversions or
  • By sending an Email
  • Online

Order over the phone

Call us on “+91-8149441100” (For International clients the helpline number is +1-702-909-2724).

Ordering by Email

You can send an email at sales can send an email at Make sure you mention all your requirements and queries and especially the contact details. Once we get all the necessary details to address your queries our customer care executive will get back to you within next 24 hours.

Payment Modes

  • Credit/Debit card: We accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club and American Express. We will send you’re the acknowledgement receipt via Mail.
  • Wire transfer: Once your order is confirmed, the official invoice will be emailed to you if paying via wire transfer.


We are committed to the make a secure, safe environment for all of your online transactions. Therefore, sometimes it will be necessary for us to request certain information from you on receiving an order; in order to complete the authentication process. All the transaction/orders/data is secure and encrypted with the high level of security and we guarantee your privacy. We have taken care of it by adding an additional security for our online payment transactions. i.e. While making an online payment you have to use the CVV number (the last three digits on the signature strip of your credit or debit card) to guard against card fraud.

Payment Modes

Delivery modes of each product are mentioned in their specification table. List of Delivery modes is as follows:

  • Electronic: We will send you the product via email as an attachment, or downloaded from a link sent in an email after receipt of your order and payment.
  • The data format of the attachment could be anything from PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Single User Licence: In case of this type of order, only the buyer will have the access to the product. The products ordered through this mode should not be distributed to anyone else.
  • Site Licence: In case of this type of order, you are allowed to share the product with the employees of your organization that too for one location only.
  • EnterprisewideLicence: In case of this type of order, you are allowed to share the product with the employees of your organization that too for one location only. Allows the product to be shared among all employees of your organization regardless of their geographical location.
  • Online Access: Once the order is confirmed we will send you the details of your online access.


We have worked with small and big clients catering their needs and customising the reports as per their requirements. Most of our clients are industry leaders from varying end-use sectors across the globe.